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 At LJ's Hand Car Wash we clean your vehicle by hand.  We  specialize in cleaning your rims--Aluminum, Chrome or Painted.   They will shine like new because LJ knows exactly what to do.  

The inside is cleaned thoroughly--windows are cleaned and the dash and door panels are wiped, cup-holders are cleaned. The area between the seats and console is blown out with the air hose and the seats are vacuumed.  Cloth floor mats are cleaned in our mat cleaner.  Rubber floor mats are washed.  

​We put a high gloss shine on your vehicle as if it has been waxed.  We could tell you more, but you have to come through the door!

Pricing for cars is $15.00.  SUV's and trucks start at $20.00

​                               BUSINESS HOURS

                Monday thru Saturday  7:30AM to 4:00PM
                                     Sunday    Closed
Business Hours

 LJs Hand Car Wash ® 2332 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14211